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Published by Admin office on March 1, 2021 

Many people think that Acid reflux is acidity and they get Ant Acids for this problem, however most of the time it is the last thing one should do.

Acid reflux is usually because there is a low acid in the stomach and when accompanied by bloating and indigestion it is most likely lack of stomach acids. So what happens is that the food starts to ferment and rot in the intestines and stomach and can lead to leaky gut, with leaky gut one can develop many illnesses as pathogens grow and start leaking into the abdominal cavity and your body becomes toxic. Oxygen Drops (h2o2 35% food grade ONLY) we have this product which is pure with no stabilizers, this will correct the leaky gut if one eats correctly. For years I battled leaky gut thinking that its too much acid, only to discover that its low stomach acid causing this problem, using Apple cider vinegar and Betaine has corrected this problem and using oxygen drops has allowed me to eat more of what I previously could not eat. With leaky gut do stay away from carbs like bread and anything with gluten. Another product assisting with irritable bowel is CBD oil, with a bit of thc will help with inflammation and healing the Gut tissue.

To remedy this one should use is Apple cider Vinegar (RAW UNFILTERED) dont get the regular apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon in a glass 250ml of water about 15minutes BEFORE YOU EAT will correct this, for those that battle with the apple cider vinegar and cannot handle the tartness, Some use apple Cider vinegar capsules this can also work however I personally thing the liquid in water will work more effectively - Betaine Supplement is will correct the acidity in the stomach and prepare the gut for digestion and some have even lost weight, have more energy for the day and find bowel to be regular with no bloating or discomfort.

When you acid PH in the stomach is between 1-3 where it should be then it ensures your gallbladder secretes the lubrication it needs in order to prevent constipation, which many experience with gut issues. Indigestion is caused by low stomach acids.

This is a short note but next we will discuss Leaky Gut - find this short article amongst our posts.

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