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Published by Admin office on March 26, 2021 

So we ask ourselves what causes anemia? Please note this post is based on opinion and not suggesting the cause as there could be many causes. Usually the first thing one thinks of or that doctors will test for is iron deficiency, and they may find there is an iron deficiency. But perhaps looking into why there could be a problem as to why? So common cause is poor diet, or diet is correct but iron is not being absorbed through the gut due to crohns disease or celiac's disease. Anemia may not be iron deficiency but could be a zinc deficiency. This article is merely to discuss possibilities and some of which many do not think of.

In the case of Aplastic anemia, develops as a result of bone marrow damage, the damage may be present at birth or occur after exposure to radiation, chemotherapy, toxic chemicals, some drugs or infections. Here there could be various causes, usually blood transfusions are required as well as marrow stem cell transplants, if infections are present then antibiotics are used.

There have been incidents where its was noted that heavy metals can cause disruption with Blood where iron is reduced or white blood cells are affected, or both as in the case of aplastic anemia sometimes.

This brings up the topic where anemia is related to toxic poisoning over time, this could be lead, aluminum, mercury etc.

Aluminum cookware and aluminum paper ( tin foil) is said not to affect the body, however personally we believe aluminum cookware has an impact on the blood. When one adds an acidic food or liquid to badly treated aluminum cookware this will leach into the food and over time we believe this could lead to possible issues. In our opinion the use of aluminum sheets is also a problem when it is heated to a high temperature and also where acid foods are cooked in aluminum containers or wrap. However we are more concerned regarding the cookware since in South Africa, many do use aluminum cookware and even boil water in aluminum kettles. We suggest people use Stainless steel cookware, not even using copper vessels, because if the copper in the body is too high and the zinc levels in the body is low, this can also cause problems.

Aluminum poisoning - any heavy metal poisoning is said to possibly change the red blood cells, affect the nerves and could potentially cause many illnesses including neurological, i.e. Alzeimers, Parkinson's, depression, heart disease, thyroid problems, dementia, autism, infertility and birth defects, as well as anemia. Lead for example could potentially do the same i.e. water pipes in old homes.

A natural herb that detox. Fresh Cilantro also known as coriander (fresh and not much is needed daily) is best used in conjunction with chlorella, which is a kind of green algae detox the body of heavy metals. Along with this depending on what type of anemia it is and what the body is lacking due to diet, one may need an iron supplement, selenium, Vitamin C with Flavanoids, Vitamin B 12 - possibly a complete Vitamin B Range will be good, H2o2 food grade 35%, magplex, Zinc may be needed if iron supplement is not working to change the anemia, as seen in some cases, should the person have neurological issues, Benfo-thiamine (a form of vitamin B1) will assist with numbness, but all will depend on what the persons diet is and what they will need to supplement with.

We hope this may be useful and once again we suggest you do not self diagnose, supplements can be purchased online on our store, but it is recommended that you check your iron levels with a test as you do not want to be overloading on iron. Should you prefer doing this naturally, you could also perhaps consult a naturopathic doctor to assist you with natural medicine if you feel you may have a heavy metal poisoning which could be affecting your health negatively.

Thank you

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