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Does CBD help sleep and depression? Why doesn't CBD oil work for me?

Published by Admin office on February 8, 2022 

Some may say yes and some say no. Why is this the case? Why do some CBD oils work and others not?

Please note this is our opinion and not based on science, as we know it. Science may not want you to know the truth. We speak from experience and client's opinion and experienced feedback.

So CBD works better for those who have a lower tolerance. People who are generally well and don't battle chronic illnesses and those who are not on loads of prescribed medication. It still works but may take longer usage to start working effectively. This means their tolerance is lower and the CBD is very effective. Where a person is toxic with chemical medicines (i.e. using too much chemical medication) they may not feel any effect, they may have way too much acidity and therefore the CBD oil will take a long time to work into the system through all the acidity in the body.

In South Africa, we have come across many people who have opted for the CBD which they buy at their local pharmacies only to disappointed and disillusioned by CBD as a whole feeling they have wasted money. Sadly they may have taken a route where this product does not serve them well and they have not been educated to make an informed decision on what they may need in terms of strength, type or quantity needed daily or even length of time to give the product to see it work. They may also not have been told that they need to use it for a number of months to start seeing results. Well as mentioned above it has alot to do with tolerance and the type of CBD as well as the fact that it can differ from individual to individual, we also have the issue of acidity level of the person.

Generally most do feel they have wasted their money on CBD oil which grant it, is expensive. This does not leave a great taste in anyone's mouth after having spent a relative chunk of mullah on something they had high hopes on because people are raving about CBD oil and how it works for them.

The other reason is that the pharmacy CBD has 0.3% THC - it may be isolate or distillate, with NO THC. Some speak of full spectrum - yes full spectrum has all the flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids. In our experience a good dash of THC around 1 percent may just be enough to create the decent entourage effect that one is looking for.


“The benefit of the entourage effect is the increase in likelihood of a therapeutic experience. More compounds consumed in whole plant medicine typically means a higher likelihood of pain relief, anti-inflammatory action, anxiety relief, etc. ISN'T THIS WHAT WE WANT?

So spending money on a product that cant assist with the entourage effect is then simply a waste of money.

The THC percentage does not have to be high.... a low dose just enough to assist your pain and inflammation, but not make you HIGH. This is perfect.

So do check out our products and more articles to follow on our block about this topic and find what would be suitable for you and your body's needs !!!

Thank you



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