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Fasting for healing Cancer and other diseases

Published by Admin office on July 11, 2022 


Did you know that fasting could assist in healing various diseases as well as cancer. This is how it works as we take excerpt from NOBEL PRIZE WINNER in physiology and Medicine - Yoshinori Ohsumi

Intermittent fasting

"When the human body is hungry, it eats itself, it makes a cleaning process, removing all sick cells, cancer, aging cells and Alzheimer's. Keep young and fight diabetes Creation of special proteins that only form under certain circumstances. And when they are finished, the body selectively gathers around dead cancer cells, dissolves them and restores the state the body enjoys. This is what recycling looks like. Thanks to lengthy and specialized research, scientists have found that the process of autophagy requires unusual conditions that force the body to do this process. These circumstances force a person to abstain from eating and drinking for 16 hours (Cycle 8/16). Human should function normally during this time. This process should be repeated for some time to reach the body for maximum usage and prevent sick cells from reacting. It is recommended to repeat the process of hunger and thirst two to three days per week.

We have looked into this and done some research to find many personal testimonies where people have healed particularly from Cancer, even South Africans. If people could do some research into this and try this method."

People have spoken to me over the years and it has come to my attention that, people with cancer feel they need to keep fat and ensure they have some good fat on them and not lose weight but they fail to realize that being overweight is not to your advantage since inflammation is stored in fat cells and where there is inflammation we know there is disease in the body. Being on the underweight end has not harmed - as long as the person underweight is eating wholesome foods and not junk or processed food.

Using these nasty shakes that are usually prescribed for cancer patients is a curse and is full of sugar and additives. Rather make a shake using fresh fruit and vegetables. There are shakes out there that dont contain sugar and have a good source of plant protein.

Should you go the fasting route - make sure you eat correctly when you do break your fast, i.e. for cancer - depending which cancers but generally, avoid caffeine, fizzy cola drinks, generally more veggies and fruit, nuts and seeds, avoid carbohydrates and lower the intake of red meat and bad fats, good fats are healthy, Chicken and fish in moderation. Stay away from processed meats and foods, anything in a tin, packet, plastic or cardboard container, STAY AWAY FROM HIDDEN SALT!!! its probably more dangerous than anything you thought was bad for cancer and other diseases.

If you are undergoing Chemotherapy, we know for a fact through client experiences that Cannabis FECO or CBD oils have assisted my clients with nausea and pain as well as sleep. Not only this - but it also assists in reducing anxiety and inflammation and in so doing it will regulate hormones better and less inflammation means less acidity, and so cancer cannot grow in a well balanced PH in the blood and the body's cells.

So people have success with doing Chemo and natural medicine, despite the oncologists saying stop taking your supplements, this is rubbish. Supplements are very useful especially minerals which are lost with chemo treatments and when your minerals are out of balance, bones lose density, as well as your blood leaches calcium from your bones, not good and this is heading down a dark path. Some people we have assisted decided they cannot handle chemo anymore and stopped the treatment to rather do natural treatment.

Please note we do not advise or tell people what to do. They have own free will to make choices of their own. This is merely advising what we have witnessed when people have done research and made informed choices based on their extensive research.

There are many other illnesses that can be rectified with natural medicine, the doctors are simply not telling you this because they never studied this line of medicine and have been told by MSMeds that there is no evidence to support this method of healing and health, since it does not serve their masters in the BIG pharmaceutical industry.

Hopefully you can take away some good information from this and with some effort in research make some informed decisions on your health.


DISCLAIMER: In view of the complex, individual nature of health and fitness issues, this blog, and the ideas, programs, procedures and suggestions contained within it are not intended to replace the advice and supervision of your doctor or personal health care provider. Information on this blog is provided for general educational purposes only and is not intended to constitute (1) medical advice, (2) the provision of health care diagnosis or treatment, or (3) the creation of a physician-patient or clinical relationship. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, contact your health care provider promptly.

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