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For the love of Coffee and what you may not know

Published by Admin office on April 1, 2021 

So the thing is everyone loves coffee - South Africans are no exception, so I'm not anti coffee, but I limit to 1 cup a day because organic coffee is expensive. But there are many problems with coffee and when we tell people to stay away from certain foods and drinks, many people think I'm a crazy person, preaching health when most people been drinking coffee for years and feel like it has not affected the in any way, however eventually it catches up with you when the liver cannot process the toxins and that's where problems start (since it is not only toxins from coffee but many products you consume and you are unaware of the toxins your liver has to deal with on a daily basis), so I'm starting to post on various products we consume and at least show people why I say these things so that everyone can be more aware of what you are doing to your body, over long periods of time. People who already suffer from disease and ailments should not be having any coffee.

Here is something to ponder on, I have done some extensive research into coffee, various reports from different sources that you will not see, because, coffee is promoted as a social drink that gives many much pleasure. Over years it becomes a toxic problem, now days there is less care taken when growing and processing coffee because companies are in it to make $$$ not consider the impact on your health. Not to mention that coffee (or caffeine products i.e energy drinks ) cause anxiety, heart palpitations, angina symptoms, could cause Multiple Sclerosis,

Muscular Dystrophy as well as inflammation in the brain which could possibly lead to many neurological disorders, such Alzeimers, Dementia, Parkinson's disease, Depression, ADD and a host of possible mental disorders.

Coffee beans are among the most highly sprayed and chemically treated crops in the world. ... As of now, the US government does not have maximum residue limits (MRLs) for pesticides used on coffee beans. This leaves you open to a wide range of unknown pesticide residue levels lurking on the surface of your coffee.

Thank you - hope you find this useful

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