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H2o2 (35%) Food Grade ( oxygen drops)

Published by Admin office on February 23, 2021 

We tend to keep our posts short as reading long articles may cause many to lose interest. So lets get started. This topic is new to many but old news to some. Many will debate this topic and question its uses. Hydrogen peroxide Food Grade 35% has been researched and has helped many to alleviate certain conditions, after much research from our side and results from folk using the product correctly, it clearly has it uses in many different applications.

First off, this is a product that is not the same as Hydrogen peroxide used cosmetically or industrially since it is food grade, it does not have stabilizers. All the other grades of H2o2 have these stabilizers which are carcinogenic and when someone researches this product - they will generally possibly be misinformed. Any h2o2 product that has a (VOLUME) on the label would indicate that it has stabilizers. So the important point is to make sure you find the right product and do not use any other grade besides food grade. Personally we would not even use any other grade for application on the skin. This product undiluted can burn the skin and burn anything organic. It should be kept out of the reach of children or anyone not capable of handling and diluting it correctly.

It should always be diluted to 3% using distilled water. No other water will do. Regular tap water should not be use as the chemical and pathogens will degrade the product and also less oxygen will be available to be absorbed as needed when using it orally.

It is frequently used to clean food, sterilize containers for food and beverages before the containers are filled in factories. It can also be used as a sanitizer against pathogens. People use it to spray roots of plants with root rot however we have decided to discuss application for health benefits.

The information provided below is based on actual cases of users we know. Uses for this product would be diluted of course on the skin, for skin cancer, fungal conditions on the skin. You may use it diluted in a foot spa where you soak your feet, using the correct dilution, will terminate toenail fungus. There are numerous people who we know personally who have succeeded in eliminating athletes foot as well as toenail fungus using this method. Skin Tags have fallen off, people with Asthma (COPD) have had oxygen readings of 97% using h2o2 Food Grade. The results are astounding and the quality of life is fantastic for someone with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It has proved to provide energy and mental clarity, it has assisted with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). It assists the liver with detoxing.

When you read the book "The One Minute Cure" you will find that it can be used for many conditions, people with implants such as heart pacemakers, stoma bags, transplants, anything foreign should not use this product. It is said to also stimulate the immune system, so usually those with an overactive immune system should not use it. We had someone with Lupus and discovered that when one uses this with MAGPLEX the magnesium actually corrected the auto immune response, or rather stabilized the immune which was a wonderful discovery. It also is not good to use should you have a hernia. The best would be to read the book fully to understand where it should be used.

We have found that used in conjunction with anti oxidants such as organic selenium, Magplex and IP6 can present good outcomes. Depending on what the person may be lacking in terms of nutrition, they would need anti oxidant supplements or nutrition to support what this product does. The best start is to use it daily whilst using Magplex. Magplex has possibly over 400 functions in the body and with proper diet can assist many issues. We will continue discussing stories in future with actual success stories using various natural quality supplements.

We will follow up with another Blog shortly regarding Diabetes 2 where we have had amazing success with those eating correctly but where their sugar is still out of control.

Until the next post, stay well and be safe!

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