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February 21, 2022


Anxiety and stress together with Depression seem to be the predominant issues people are dealing with lately.

These issues are brought about obviously through Job loss, financial instability and dealing with trauma or loss during this difficult time we are all going through.

Some people turn to allopathic medicine to assist them while more and more folk are looking for alternative remedies to cope during these times. Each have a preference and this is perfectly fine.

We assist people with natural alternatives as there are a few simple ways to assist and deal with this in the sense that it can help cope. One cannot bring a loved one back or change your situation instantly, but you can look at ways to naturally cope with your situation.

At this stage we have seen great result with our products, which may take the edge off your anxiety, depression and stress, giving you the time to recover your body and tackle the challenges you may face.

We can assist you, please remember not all CBD oils are the same, some do not work for some people. Generally the isolate or distillate CBDs are not for people battling certain conditions, they may need a good Full extract low THC product that can assist with better sleep, improve inflammation, gut issues, tight chest and tension.

The first thing I recommend for many is to turn of your Television and refrain from getting involved in your social media where you see so much friction regarding this pandemic and to do or not to do. People are stressed about the future and all that goes with it. Peer pressure to get the Jab or NOT. Its easier said than done buy one needs to take a huge step back and regain your sanity. Think about yourself and your family. One cannot make decisions for your family or friends as to whether they should get the Jab or not, this is ultimately there choice.

You can however control your life and how you manage your life and your life choices. Along with this there are a few things which can assist you to manage things better:

  1. Vitamin D3 5000iu good for depression, sleep and gut

2. CBD oil - assists inflammation, tension, balance the nervous system, relaxes you, assists in opening the lungs when your chest feels tight - it could also assist sleep and depression anxiety which we have noted from our clients

3. IP6 (inositol hexa phosphate) taken in higher doses can assist anxiety and bipolar

4. Omega 3 good for the brain fats, be sure not to use Omega 6 and 9

5. Combiplex powder can assist anxiety, calming effect and assist better sleep at night too

6. Magplex powder is a magnesium concentrate, well absorbed and can assist with muscle tension, relaxation, better sleep and assist the heart during stress or any time for that matter. It also is the 4th most abundant mineral that should be in the body but is usually lacking, It can repair RNA and DNA.

7. Oxygen drops (Hydrogen Peroxide Food Grade 35%) - good for getting oxygen back into the body and brain, this product has many uses, which you are welcome to research - not on the main stream channels but get the information that they are not telling you.

There are stronger cannabis oils that can also assist but generally we suggest CBD and the above because some people use stronger cannabis oils which may exasperate the anxiety. So be careful

Please note that most of these products are safe - except in the case of Omega3 and possibly Vitamin D3 5000iu when someone is on Blood Thinner Warfarin.

These tips are speaking from personal past experience as well as that of other people who we have assisted. You can always check what supplements may not work well with your medication, or you may contact us to assist your specific issue.

We are not providing advise or suggesting what you should do - merely confirming what has helped many people and how the outcome benefited them. You are advised to do your research and see what is suited to you.

Thank you

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