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How to use our CBD oil

Published by Admin office on April 9, 2021 

CBD oil has many benefits as we well know but some will say it does not work for them and they wasted their money. This is possible when a person has severe medical issues and severe inflammation and they are using various prescribed medications as CBD oil may take a while and the person may need higher doses in order to get the desired affect. Many people may try to use it for chronic pain or even diabetes but people seem to want to use it only when they have pain or a headache or their glucose is high, etc. and this is incorrect.

So the problem with that method is it will not product any results. This product should be used every day 2 - 3 x a day in the recommended dosage and the reason for this is because its a micro dose and with consistent use over time, inflammation is reduced in the body and maintains homeostasis in the body. So treating it like a pain pill on a need to have basis would be a waste.

Once a person starts using it daily 2-3 x a day it will definitely start showing results within a month or two. Its important to understand that constant use of the oil will relieve certain conditions. Just as one would take blood pressure pills or anti depressants every day without skipping a beat, this versatile oil can potentially produce the same results if used correctly. In some cases where a person has a high tolerance to medication, larger doses may be needed to produce the desired result, and we find that where a person has a low tolerance (does not use any medication) the results are quicker and generally smaller doses will produce results. Every individual is different and therefore the dosage can be adjusted accordingly.

Its very rare that one would take too much, but taking too little would most certainly be a waste of your money, as you will not have enough of the oil in your body to actually do the hard work needed.

We hope this post has been useful and can save you money as you gain knowledge on how to use this product, obviously this may differ from different suppliers and we cannot speak for all CBD products, but our own in this article.

Thank you

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