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JACK RUSSELL with spinal injuries.... what???

Published by Admin office on July 15, 2022 

So what are we referring to. Instances where suddenly your dog battles to walk, cannot get down stairs or walk straight. Vets tend to advise expensive surgery or cortisone to assists these dogs. Obviously this does not only apply to Jack Russells but all dogs who tend to have pain or be old or have hurt their backs.

So we have had 2 Jack Russel dogs who suddenly experienced problems walking straight, battling with stairs, even simply walking was difficult.

Both dogs were given the Cannatural Canna Dog Treats and within 2 weeks a difference was seen in their walking and being able to live a better quality of life, without huge Veterinarian costs.

It is amazing what natural remedies can do for pets. If you think about it in the wild an animal would be able to eat what they found in nature to help them heal.

We need to look at these option before euthanasia because our dog appear to be in pain.

South African Pet owners speak to us about what really could work. Obviously this would apply globally.

Make sure you get your pet a good dose of Broad spectrum Canna oil and this should work, it can contain low doses of THC which will help the inflammation.

Thank you and hope this has been useful and that your pet can live a happy life !!!!

Cannatural provides in depth information to individuals interested in Canna oil for medicinal purposes. We continue to assist in educating South Africans about the TRUTH concerning this incredible and versatile plant. 

We also strive to provide the best/safe Medicinal Cannabis products to patients for healing purposes.

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