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Local CBD oil - Cannatural - 2 bottles for R700 !!!!

Published by Admin office on May 10, 2021 

Just a short note to advise we from time to time have specials on our CBD oils and also other products as well. Register online to receive notifications as to when these specials will run. That way you dont miss out on these bargains.

We will also run an article soon on which oils to use. Many people are not familiar with the differences in oils and strengths of oils. Many have tried commercial CBD products and confirmed that they dont work, well the problem here is you would have to use high doses generally to obtain desired effects for say cancer or other serious illnesses.

Many people buy these oils or any CBD oil for that matter and dont follow the recommended dosage instructions, possibly out of fear that it will make them HIGH however this will not happen, unless it has a good dose of THC in it. Commercial oils do not contain THC (usually under 0.003 Percent) which is a tiny trace. Even CBD oils with some THC in it should not make you feel HIGH because the dosage should still be low. However due to the fact that these products are not regulated except for the commercial CBD oils, so you will not know if you are receiving high THC or high CBD.

Always go with the recommendation of dosage drops as per the supplier. With our oil we have had people using 1-2 drops a day. This will not have any positive impact on your body or health. Because it is infused with a base oil it is micro dosing and therefore 6 - 10 drops PER DOSE is what would be advised depending what your needs are as an adult. Children will need less, depending on age, size or weight as well as condition of the child. So if a child is on high doses of anti seizure medication this may require that the child take perhaps 6-10 drops in order to bring down inflammation on the brain and balance the body.

Many adults can handle higher dosages of CBD because they are using chronic medication and with this your tolerance is high and hence can possibly handle higher doses of CBD oil.

Other Adults find that the CBD is not enough to assist with their condition and may need a stronger oil with THC, some people function very well with THC in their body and others can only handle CBD oil.

CBD Oil is also not an overnight miracle, which some many expect (i.e. taking a pain pill and the pain is gone within 30minutes) but rather it is an oil where, if taken regularly every day you will find it works more with time and reduces inflammation over time. So continued use over a period of 1 month to 3 months will reduce chronic pain and assist with inflammation in the body (acidity). Also should a dosage not be working one may need to increase this dosage to say 10 drops 2x a day or 3 x a day until this pain has reduced and then taper down to 6 drops 2 or 3 x a day.

Every individual may differ, some have used it for High Blood Pressure and established within a month their blood pressure is lower, some have used it for 8 months and found it suddenly reduces High Blood pressure, We always tell people with High BP to keep an eye on their blood pressure weekly and monitor it in order to make sure that if you choose to be on natural medication, your doctor will probably need to reduce your High BP medication to a lower dosage.

We always also mention to people to watch what they eat and change their eating habits because this can and will significantly assist your health and ensure that the natural medication works better and faster.

another example of using CBD oil - if you have been using it for some time and its been assisting with depression, anxiety and sleep and suddenly you have a crisis in your life and its not working anymore, simply increase the dosage and take it 3 x a day to help you cope through the rough patch, once your problem is managable again you can reduce dosage to the lower dosage gradually and it will continue working as before.

Should you find that nothing is working, take a break from the CBD oil for 4 days (use alkaline powder) in that period of time or if you have to use an anti inflammatory agent then do so. But resume CBD oil after 4 days and it should be effective once more.

Hope you find this information useful and can apply method when and if necessary. (please note this is the experience with Cannatural CBD oil and not with other supplier products)

Thank you

Cannatural provides in depth information to individuals interested in Canna oil for medicinal purposes. We continue to assist in educating South Africans about the TRUTH concerning this incredible and versatile plant. 

We also strive to provide the best/safe Medicinal Cannabis products to patients for healing purposes.

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