Canna Bath Salts / Foot Soak – 500g


This product is great to relax from stress in a bath soak,  relaxing body mind and soul.  Muscle relaxation and detox effect.  As a foot soak it can assist with also tired sore feet and swelling of feet or legs with a detox effect.

This product balance the minerals in the body by absorption through the skin, soothes tired stiff muscles and reduces inflammation, softens water and alleviates skin irritation. It can also assist with better relaxed sleep and assists with leg cramps and restless legs. It also reduces fluid retention, balances electrolytes, improves digestion, nourishes adrenal glands and regulates blood pressure.


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Dosage: 2 to 3 heap tablespoons in a bath of water or 2 tablespoons a basin of water or foot spa for foot soak- Soak for at least 20 minutes in warm to hot water

Ingredients: Cannabis Oil, Salt, Magnesium, Epson Salts, Bicarb of Soda

Size:  500g


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