Cannatural Anti-Aging Face Cream – 30ml

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This product is great for skin age 45 upwards or just dry tired skin, it is rich and moisturising .  A little goes a long way as you use this product on face and neck, morning and night – apply on a clean dry skin.  There is no instant miracle wrinkle cream but this cream will produce results in 2 weeks to 2 months depending on condition of your skin, where you will feel the texture of your skin smoother and softer and then its also reduction of dark marks and fine lines on face and neck.  This product is best in the winter months when the air is dry and skin is dehydrated especially in the Highveld.  During summer months, some ladies only need the Anti Aging Serum which is a lighter liquid oil and is well absorbed into the skin (Available online).  It would depend on your skin needs some people use the Anti aging Serum in the morning and the Anti aging cream at night.  Please feel free to leave a review on our website regarding this product.


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Full Extract Cannabis oil,
Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Anti aging botanicals and perfectly selected essential oils

Application: After cleaning face and neck well, gently rub a small amount on your fingers and gently press the oil onto your face until it absorbs.  Be careful to apply too close around the eye area..  You can also use on back of hands for age spots. Use morning and evenings for best results.  Some ladies like using the Serum in the morning and the cream in the evenings, this would depend on who dry and dehydrated your skin is.  The cream is richer whereas the serum is a lighter application which is good for summer.

Warning: This product should be used on specific area treatment and not the whole body. This product contains various essential oil only and it is not recommended for children, pregnant woman just to ensure safety.

Size: 30ml


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