Cannatural CBD Cannabis Capsules – 60 CAPS


Cannabis infused Coconut Oil is made over a period of 3 – 5 days. The method used is warm infusion/extraction of PURE organic Coconut Oil and 4 – 6 different High grade Cannabis strains which vary from season to season.


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This is a CBD coconut infused canna oil capsule with THC levels just under 1%, making it an excellent treatment to use 2  x daily. Since it is micro dosing.

This product is used orally and works for most common dreaded diseases, particularly in Cancer, arthritis, Rheumatoid Athritis and mild sleep disorders, depression, anxiety. It is also a good analgesic anti inflammatory and can be used for Gout, general joint and muscular pain and cancer in conjunction with a HIGH THC capsule at night for best results.

The average dosage that provided the best results for most patients – on packaging.  One capsule in the morning and one capsule in the evening with or without meals.

In prescribed doses, it wont make you “high” although if consumed in excess doses, it may cause a pleasant heady high. You cannot overdose on these capsules.

Cannabis infused Coconut Oil in capsules is very popular as people dont need to measure out drops orally and it seems to have a very good effect since the dosage is already measured in the capsule.

Advantage is that the coconut can solidify in the winter and with CBD capsules you don’t need to be concerned about the coconut oil going hard or having to melt it first.

100% Pure Organic Coconut Oil.
High Grade Canna buds

Size: 60 CAPS


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