Cannatural CBD Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil – 30ml


Cannabis infused Coconut Oil is made over a period of 3 – 5 days. The method used is warm infusion/extraction of PURE organic Coconut Oil and 4 – 6 different High grade Cannabis strains which vary from season to season.


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The Cannabis infused Coconut Oil is Ideally used for oral and external applications. Cannabis infused Coconut oil solidifies at about 20 deg Celsius , but still retains its natural nutritional qualities.

Can be consumed orally or used as an external rub/ointment. It is high in CBD and lower THC levels, making it an excellent treatment to use 2 – 3 x daily. Since it is micro dosing.

This product is used both internally and externally but generally internally.  Should you want a topical cream please see our strong and regular cannabutter creams which really work well.

The average dosage that provided the best results for most patients is 6 drops morning, 4 drops afternoon and 6 drops at night. It is very important to keep the drops in the mouth and under the tongue for as long as possible before you swallow. Dosage will vary for each patient taking into consideration the age, weight, height, metabolism, medical condition type and severity. Contact us for specific dosage if need be.

In prescribed doses, it wont make you “high” although if consumed in excess doses, will cause a pleasant heady high. You cannot overdose on this oil.

Cannabis infused Coconut Oil works for most common dreaded diseases, particularly in Cancer stage 1, 2 or 3 (contact us if you need to perhaps use a stronger THC oil as the THC capsules would be recommended for night). It is also a good analgesic anti inflammatory, and can be used for mild to moderate joint and muscular pain, joint pain, High blood pressure, High Cholesterol issues, depression, anxiety, OCD, mild seizures, it also works from the inside for skin ailments and general energy and mental focus.  It controls diabetes very well in conjunction with a proper eating plan.

Cannabis infused Coconut Oil is packaged in 30ml bottles, however, packaging may vary from time to time

100% Pure Organic Coconut Oil.
High Grade Canna Plant Strains

Size: 30ml


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