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Cannatural - Super Value Immune Booster Pack 1

(1 customer review)

This pack contains immune boosters for all-round, general health. It is also perfectly suitable for those that do not eat a balanced diet, assisting with immunity against pathogens. Best of all this pack will last one person three (3) months!!

The items in this pack have many functions but for the purpose of immunity boosting:
The H2o2 drops - assists in killing pathogens (ie. Viruses, bacteria, fungal overgrowth) fills the body with oxygen, dangerous pathogens and toxins cannot survive in an oxygenated environment, therefore by supplying the body with sufficient oxygen ensures the body is free of dangerous microorganisms.

Organic Selenium is important for your immune system - it is an antioxidant, it lowers oxidative stress in your body which then reduces inflammation and enhances immunity.

Vitamin A & D - assists with lung health and immune boosting for those lacking Vitamin A & D. Vitamin D also reduces inflammation.

Zinc - is also for lung health and immunity, it helps your immune system fight off any foreign bacteria and viruses.

Citrus Bioflavanoids - assist in fighting viruses (flu and colds), it also improves blood flow and eases swelling in the body.

Magplex (magnesium powder) - Magnesium keeps your immune system strong while strengthening muscles, bones and joints. It supports body functions which includes cardiac function and brain function. It helps with calmer sleep and muscle recovery associated with body aches. It also detoxes your body and is an important component for the H2O2 to work well, it balances various issues in the body when used with the H2O2.



Dosage:  Instructions for use will be enclosed in package.

Ingredients: 30ml H2o2 35% food grade (oxygen) drops, Organic Selenium (90 capsules), Zinc (90 capsules), Citrus bioflavonoids (90 Capsules), Vitamin A & D (90 Capsules), 122gr Magplex powder.

Size: See above for 6 different products

- 3 Month Supply

1 review for Cannatural - Super Value Immune Booster Pack 1

  1. ursula.young2015 (verified owner)

    I have been using this pack since September and I have not had any problems with sinus or any colds. I sleep better and wake up well rested every morning even though I don't sleep before 11:30pm and wake up at 05:00am every day. I highly recommend this pack to anybody as specially those who don't eat a well balanced meal daily.

    • Admin office

      Thank you Ursula- this pack has really assisted many people, prevented Flu and Colds since Covid-19 started

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