Cannatural Medicinal Pet Treats


Medicinal CANNA PET TREATS are packed in packs of 30. One treat per day usually at night. For larger dogs over 20kg two treats can be used if the dog is ill, in pain etc.  Should it just be for general health then one treat is sufficient.  For Small dogs under 6 kg, half a treat can be administered.  Used mostly for animals for pain and various illness like RA, Arthritis, Cancer (relief), glaucoma (pressure behind eyes), general inflammation,  also dogs with hip problems this product has proved to work well. Its even been given to dogs post-surgery.

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Recommended Dosage
KEEP IN FREEZER TO MAINTAIN FRESHNESS otherwise if you keep it in dark damp or hot place mould will develop because of the Flour dust
Contact us – depending on the weight and size of the dog. One treat at night if you have a large dog or half a Treat/pellet if its a small animal/Dog. Dosage also depends on the condition ie. pain etc

These treats are generally for animals who have skin ailments, itching etc. arthritis, Hip and joint issues , after surgery, cancer etc or even for general health. If you want to give your pet this treat for general health you can give only 2 to 3 x a week. You can also give your pet the INFUSED CBD OIL if you wish, the infused oil used for humans can also be given to pets.

This product may cause a slight to moderate heady high. So your pet should sleep better and have less pain. It also has a detoxing effect for dogs who have been badly fed. It has also worked for dogs who cannot walk.

We have a case with a puppy with swimmers legs and with some exercise therapy at home and the treats daily she was able to walk within 3 months (this can take so time and patience)

We had a doggie who went blind and after using a few samples of the dog treats can now see again, the doggie owner is now committed to making sure her dog gets her treat daily

Wheat flour, bicarbonate of soda, eggs, Canna CBD coconut oil extract, Pumpkin and Curcumin



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