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Cannatural Oxygen Drops H2O2 35% Food Grade - 100ml

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(3 customer reviews)


There is alot of confusion as people get informed that H2o2 is bad for oral consumption.  However one has to buy the 35% food grade and dilute it to 3% or less.  Buying a 3% or 10% solution is NOT the correct product to buy, as it has stabilizers which are not good for oral use.  There are also different types of H2o2 such as pharmaceutical grade and industrial grade NOT GOOD!!!.  One needs to ensure that you only use 35% food grade in order to heal.  This product can assist with age rejuvenation (cells in the body), energy, depression, various immune diseases and blood disorders, lung and organ issues.  Read the booklet in PDF on the internet in order to understand this product and what it does.

This product puts oxygen back into your body (lungs, blood and tissue as well as organs)

The book called “The One Minute Cure” written by Madison Cavannah advocates many a truth about the benefits of H202 35% Food Grade. H202 is water with an oxygen molecule (2) attached. Oxygen is liberated in our bodies provided we are relatively acid free and can destroy bacterial, parasitic and/or viral activity due to the fact that these organisms cannot survive in a high oxygen environment.Even though we have been advocating the wonderful sterilizing effects of H202, caution must however still be taken whilst in it’s undiluted state. As with Homeopathy, less more often, is actually more effective. Use as an oral throat spray, sterilizing fruits and veggies to get eliminate pesticide poisons. For a 3% solution, using our concentrated 100ml 35% pure H202 and dilute 3 drops per 250ml SPRING or distilled water (see our bottle for further directions). For general health benefit, 3-5 drops per glass of, preferably distilled water, or if not, previously boiled water that has been allowed to cool will be fine if your municipal water is not suitable, or if there is no direct access to clean drinking water, 3-5 drops per 250ml glass of water 3 – 5 times a day. Should you have cancer or severe illness or chronic illness alternatively long standing illness etc a different dosage will be recommended. Best taken on an empty stomach to avoid interference whist there is food in the stomach. Do not coincide or administer whilst utilizing iron supplements as it will interfere with the absorption.



THIS PRODUCT MUST BE DILUTED to 3 percent for oral use or nebulising use .......... FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS on Bottle PLEASE. IF messed on skin it can burn or tingle the skin and leave white marks on skin. If this happens do not panic just rinse with water immediately and apply skin cream. DON'T DRINK MORE THAN WHAT IS ADVISED at a steady rate. It is not recommended to start with high dosage rather low dosages  and build up the dosage every few days or once a week.

TIP: For assistance with the CORON@ V!RU$ make sure you are using a good Zinc, Citrus Flavanoids, Vit D3 5000iu and Magplex with the H2O2 Drops   (we do sell the Immune Pack online as well  for R570)


Recommended Dosage:

INSTRUCTIONS are provided on the bottle for general health - there are also instructions provided on a note which you receive with your bottle for consumption and also for nebulising.

There are also instructions to use for this current Viru$ that going around the world and it works to stop this Viru$ in its tracks.  Best to use as prevention !!!

if using orally use ON EMPTY STOMACH - 30minutes before Food (meals) NOT WITH FOOD

OR you can use orally take it 2 HOURS after your last meal or snack !!!

See link below regarding the issues with H2o2 and the grades as some have additives and stabilisers. Stabilisers are chemicals that are toxic/carcinogenic (this will help you understand why you need FOOD Grade) DO NOT USE BP Grade for consumption or neubulising !!!!

Certified 35% FOOD grade Hydrogen Peroxide


3 reviews for Cannatural Oxygen Drops H2O2 35% Food Grade - 100ml

  1. Collen Khombisa (verified owner)

    To all man please use this drops you'll thank me later.

  2. cecilial (verified owner)

    I can recommend these drops to anyone. Firstly my mother in law had a burning sensation under her feet and after using the oxygen drops for just a week the burning sensation was gone. For me it helps with energy, I have been feeling very tired lately, for no reason, and when I take my drops it helps a lot. Then lastly, I have been taking the drops since I was diagnosed with cancer in 2020, days after Covid started. I have never had Covid and even through my treatments, my body did not loose immunity. No wonder it is called the One Minute Cure - Cecilia

  3. Beverley (verified owner)

    It definitely is the One Minute Cure and our daily ritual.
    Husband is an insulin dependent diabetic, has titanium in his leg so can only have 4 x drops per day - throughout this COVID ordeal (bearing in mind he is classified as having co-morbidities) he has not even had any flu/cold/covid symptoms. This proves to me that this definitely works, if the GP is even questioning on check ups "how is this possible" - well, we say nothing! I am impressed. I recommend it to many people, lots of people try it - but only when they aren't feeling well - the latter does not help - you have to take everyday of your life!! Thank you Cannatural

    • Admin office

      thank you Beverley for this review. Many need to see this as they follow Main Stream "advise" and believe these things dont work when with US at Cannatural, have proven time and time again over the last 5 years to work for many issues and illnesses. Love this.

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