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Published by Admin office on November 13, 2020 

A lesser known fact is that salt can also increase risk for cancer, specifically stomach cancer. The American Institute for Cancer Research panel of experts found strong evidence that salt and salt-preserved foods increase the chance of developing stomach cancer.

Salt is not only a problem with High Blood pressure but can cause havoc in the body since it causes inflammation leading firstly pain in the body and leading to illness like cancer, lung disease, lethargy and muscle fatigue, heart problems, headaches and migraines and the list can go on.

Many people will say the do not add salt to their food however there is so many salt preserved foods like pickles, i.e gherkins, onions. Tinned foods are preserved with way too much salt, ready made foods like packet of soup, packets of gravy, bread also has too much salt, cookies, crackers, cold meats, smoked meats i.e. bacon, boerewors, any sausages are filled with sodium, these are foods with hidden salt and many people are unaware of this and what it can do to the body.

This would include all salts including Himalayan salt - which may have a higher mineral content however, it is still sodium and sodium is something that we, in the last 30 years tend to be eating way to much of without realizing so. Aromat and some ready mixed spices have a large salt content and is not recommended to use in food. Sodium is important in the diet some may say, however not much sodium is needed for the body to balance minerals.

So people ask what will we add to our food for taste if we should not use salt. Well there are a few herbs and spices which are great for the body, super anti oxidants and has many healing properties, Tumeric, fresh garlic, paprika, herbs like parsley, coriander, thyme, rosemary all add flavour to a meal. Once can mix a few of these herbs and spices in a jar with coconut oil and store it on your pantry shelf as the herbs and spices will infuse into the coconut oil and add great flavour to a dish.

Trust this article was informative - as we will post more information on what we should avoid eating and drinking

Thank you

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