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March 4, 2021

What are Natural Pain Killers?

What general types of pain can you experience? There is main categories of pain - tissue damage, Nerve damage and referred pain.

Tissue damage would be a bump or injury to soft tissue, nerve damage could be nerves inflamed or breaking down due to diabetes, and referred pain is pain that show in the form of chronic back pain, headaches, cancer, arthritis, post surgery, Gout, Rheumatoid arthritis or trauma.

With referred pain an example would be with Fibromyalgia, sometime not always the pain can be on the one side of the body, it is possible that if your pain is on the left it is pancreas inflammation, if its on the right side it could be a gallbladder or liver that is blocked and needs cleansing, this can caused referred pain in the right shoulder neck and jaw as well as shoulders.

I have a few favorite remedies that work well together to reduce pain that is not related specifically to trauma or post surgery but chronic nerve pain, backache and even arthritis (always keeping in mind that the gut may be the problem and may need more addressing) The first 5 are the favorites and really do work.

  1. Cannatural CBD coconut infused oil 30ml bottle or CBD Capsules using this regularly keeps the inflammation down and the pain away as well as assisting nerve function
  2. Vitamin D3 5000 iu - for severe pain 2 - 3 can be used a day, great for lower back pain, most pain, it also lowers inflammation in the gut, is a natural cortisol which is anti inflammatory.
  3. Vitamin B1 (Benfotiamine) it penetrates fat and the myelin sheath (nerve sheaths) we stock this as well great for nerve pain, neuropathy - tingling feet and hands, burning hot feeling in feet and hands this is the vitamin to use in conjunction with the above.
  4. Alkaline powder, A Vogel alkaline powder the plain not flavored powder. This is also a natural pain reliever - if used correctly will lower your pain levels.
  5. Omega 3 or cod liver oil (only omega 3) this is an anti inflammatory and assists with pain if used regularly
  6. There are a few other things like stinging nettle root and Willow bark however we have not used these

We had a fibromyalgia client with severe sciatica nerve pain and using these first 4 products was able to go back to work within 3 days, after battling for a month.

Trusting this information has been useful, so instead of grabbing anti inflammatory medication and pain killers that may damage your gut and affect your kidneys negatively, try the natural option and you may very well be surprised.

Please do check our online store - our supplements are of high standard and highly absorbed - homeopathic and not commercial. The prices are very reasonable.

Than you

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