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What can your nails, skin and hair possibly tell about your current health?

Published by Admin office on June 3, 2021 

So with n

so with nails if you have horizontal ridges in your finger nails you may lack Vitamin B1 (Benfo thiamine) or THiamine. You could also have very white nails beds with blue color. If you have problems with the right side of your heart, heart enlargement this is a B1 deficiency. If you possibly have Edema in your lower legs/ankles this could possibly be a B1 deficiency. You can find B1 in rice but not polished or white rice - brown rice is the choice.

You could develop a Vit B1 deficiency by eating too much starch - refined starch, flour, crackers, cookies, white rice, corn, mielie meal, all foods with flour, white sugar all the bad foods. Alcohol as well. Stress can deplete Vitamin B1 along with foods above.

Brittle dry Nails is also a B1 deficiency, so using Vitamin B1 will assist as well as Biotin, Biotin helps hair and nails as well as skin. Some people are deficient in biotin, when you have cuticles that are dry and not healthy, this can be found in nutritional yeast which is the best natural form. Biotin is made in the gut, so if the gut is not healthy you could possibly have a biotin deficiency as well.

A rash below the nose and possibly on the nose is likely a Vitamin B6 deficiency, and this vitamin can be found in many foods but if you eat refined foods it depletes your Vitamin B6 in the body.

If you have little white specks on your nail, you could have had a zinc deficiency at some point, it may not be necessarily now but somewhere in the last 6 months. If you eat too much sugar/carbohydrates it will deplete your Zinc; Zinc is a trace mineral and is necessary and we possibly don't get enough trace minerals as there is no longer enough trace minerals in our soils ( depending where you live), our soils are depleted of these important minerals;

If you have vertical ridges on your finger nails you could possibly have a thyroid issue, the ridges are a classic symptom of thyroid problems;

If you have red cracks on the corners of your mouth of sores in your mouth or inner lip, it is a Vitamin B2 deficiency, this is from eating too many refined foods.

So its possibly that taking a full range of B Complex vitamin blend would assist quite a few issues above

It is best to assess the whole body and this can be done if you see a functional medicine doctor or alternative doctor as they do look at these and assess as a whole

Pellagra (condition of the skin) this we have posted an article on our blog. Please read about its a Vitamin B1 deficiency, consuming to many carbohydrates or alcohol.

Red blood shot eyes is a Vitamin B2 deficiency.

Yellow eyes / skin - can indication a congested gallbladder or liver, needs detoxing, it could be more severe where liver damage is noted;

If you have a fleshy off white tissue growing on your eyes - white of eyes or even moving to the iris of the eye, this is a Vitamin A deficiency, vegetables have great vitamin A in a non active form and needs to be converted in the body, and some people cant convert vitamin A. So good healthy fats can assist in producing Vitamin A, but if you have liver or gallbladder congestion, your body cant break down the Vitamin A. A deficiency will develop. If you detox the liver and gall bladder you will see improvement in these problems. Poor night vision is also a Vitamin A deficiency. Make sure you get a supplement or ensure you clean out liver and gallbladder.

Another Vitamin A deficiency is when you have little red or dark dots where your pores are on your legs or upper arms. Again fixing as mentioned above will start seeing better results even better skin condition.

If you battle with cracked dry heels (feet), and no amount of scrubbing and lotions or potions help this condition, this is a Vitamin B2 deficiency.

Now for hair, if you have Alopecia, bald patches on your head this is a biotin deficiency, could also be adrenal issues but this is once again a gut issues, like leaky gut. So there is a broad spectrum of what it could be but it could very well be a gut issue and change in diet needs to happen in order to correct absorption of nutrients needed.

Male pattern baldness, what happens is its an estrogen problem, ratios, stinging nettle root herb will assist with this.

If you possibly have a lump in neck, or goiter is a thyroid issue - estrogen problem, iodine competes with estrogen and its recommended to use organic sea kelp. It assists with Ovarian cysts, cysts in breast and thyroid. If you have loss of hair on the other side of your eyebrows its a thyroid problem.

If you have a red tongue its a Vitamin B2 deficiency, a glossy red tongue is a Vitamin B12 deficiency, a white fury tongue is candida overgrowth, cracks in the tongue is a B 12 deficiency.

If you have bleeding gums you possibly have a Vitamin C deficiency. If you have red cheeks, little broken capillaries on the face its a C deficiency. Get Vitamin C from fresh foods that have this vitamin.

If you have Itchy feet, it could well be a liver problem, consider a detox of the liver.

Hope this may assist - always consult your alternative medicine doctor and check with your medication - do your research before simply taking these supplements, this information is only a possibly indication of problems you may have in deficiencies - thank you

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