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What does the Volume mean? in Hydrogen peroxide

Published by Admin office on August 16, 2021 

Issues regarding VOLUMES of hydrogen peroxide - this indicates how much oxygen is released in a certain strength i.e. 10Vol - 20vol - 40 vol etc

Pharmacies are selling a BP grade H2o2 Vol 10, 20, 40. Be careful as this can burn you. Some people are selling the H2O2 which as already been diluted - so perhaps they are selling 35% Food grade and diluting it to 3% or 6% or 12% and selling it at a cheaper price because its diluted, but others are selling BP Grade diluted to 3 %, but the clients need to be sure - are they getting a 3% dilution of food grade or BP grade? this is the dilemma since many argue about stabilisers.

Does Food Grade hydrogen peroxide have stabilizers?
Food grade hydrogen peroxide is generally a 35% dilution, compared to the 3% to 5% hydrogen peroxide that you can get at the drugstore. It does not contain stabilizers like phenol, sodium stannate, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, and acetanilide like regular hydrogen peroxide does.

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