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What could Vitamin E do for me?

Published by Admin office on June 28, 2022 
Assortment food sources of vitamin E. Healthy products

It's a nutrient that helps protect your cells from harmful "free radicals." Vitamin E also helps your body fight germs and keeps your blood vessels open and clear of clots. You may also hear it called a fat-soluble vitamin, it therefore needs fat to dissolve in your body.

DID YOU KNOW this about Vitamin E? It modulates the expression of connective tissue growth factor, and regulates gene expression and transcription, in so doing it facilitates the protection of wounds against infections such as methicillin‐resistant Staphylococcus aureus

DID YOU KNOW THAT using vitamin E orally could also promote faster wound healing internally. As you may have scar tissue internally from an injury, surgery or damage from illness like lung damage for example, it could help just as it assists skin when applied topically. Be sure to check with your doctor regarding using it orally especially if you are on blood thinners and similar products

DID YOU KNOW? A 2013 study found that mice given supplements containing vitamin E were less likely to develop skin cancer, even when exposed to large quantities of ultraviolet light. These results prompted some supporters of vitamin E oil and supplements to claim that it can prevent skin cancer.

We do also supply Vitamin E supplements for those interested may contact us on our details on this website. Please feel free to share these posts should you find them useful.

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