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Why is my CBD oil not effective enough anymore?

Published by Admin office on May 4, 2021 

So you're using CBD full extract oil or whichever oil you are using, Im referring to full extract - broad spectrum where it seemed to be working to keep you calm and sleep but it is no longer feeling effective enough.

The suggestion is take a break from the oil for 4-5 days and start up again. This is almost like a reset where the oil gets a chance to work once again. This has been tested time and time again and it definitely works. Try it.

The same would apply to the THC oil, give it a 4 - 5 day break and feel the difference. What we also suggest if you wish to try this is drink Lemon water, using freshly squeezed lemons. Half a lemon squeezed into water every morning, this also assists in detoxing and lemon aids the body in many ways in order to get the body at the correct PH for healing and cleansing/detoxing.

We hope this short post has been useful and like we stipulate, these are suggestions which have worked for many of us here who have tried it. It may not work with you but there is a good chance it will.

Take care and thank you

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