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Why should liver contain an enzyme that helps degrade H2o2?

Published by Admin office on October 5, 2021 

Enzymes are special protein molecules that speed up chemical reactions. Hydrogen peroxide actually forms as a product of metabolism and can do nasty things. It can break apart and yield hydroxyl radicals that attack important biochemicals like proteins and DNA. BUT heres the catch, to protect itself, the body makes catalase, the enzyme that decomposes hydrogen peroxide before it can form hydroxyl radicals. This breaks it down into oxygen and water!!! and we can always do with more water and more oxygen right!!

How amazing is that. The body is amazing. Using our oxygen drops assists this process in the body and with extra oxygen and water in the body, disease cannot live.

Hope you find this useful - we will keep posting short informative information for you to browse through.

Thank you


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